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Unfortunately, due to the Lockdown, we are still unable to meet in person. However, to keep in touch each month we have a Virtual Meeting instead.  



All types of models and modellers

We are a bunch of like minded people who get a bit of a buzz out of making plastic models. Some build models straight from the box - or plastic bag, while others like to scratch build and put in lots of details. To give you some idea of the range of models, have a look at our members' biographies and our galleries. We all enjoy the hobby and everyone is happy to talk about their models, or ask for help, swap techniques, or offer encouragement. The Earley Risers Model Club is a branch of the IPMS(UK) as such most, although not all, of our members have IPMS membership.

A Fun Day's Modelling, 10 'til 5pm

The club meets in Earley, on the Southwest side of Reading, usually on the third Sunday of each month. Some members turn up for a full day's modelling (10:00 - 17:00), while others come along anytime during the day, just for a chat. 

If you would like to join us, or find out more about The Earley Risers

Please contact Steve Abbey, or come and see us at any of the model shows we'll be attending during the year.


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  VIRTUAL? Meeting
 16 May 



Latest News from The Earley Risers in 2021


  20 June 2021 - 

Our next Virtual Meeting during Lockdown? 

The Earley Risers will be holding their 6th Virtual Meeting of 2021 
on Sunday 20 June. 

By the third Sunday of the month, members of the club will be sending their own pictures and comments about the projects keeping them busy at their model desks during this time of isolation. As they have done since April last year. It's great to see what everyone has been up to during the last month.
See below.


Welcome to our Fifth

Virtual Meeting of 2021

The Earley Risers have kept busy.

What have we all been doing
 modelling-wise, during May?
In roughly the order
 the responses arrived...

Click here to see what we've been up to


April 2021


Click here to see what we've been up to, modelling-wise,
during April.


March 2021

Click here to see what's
been happening

February 2021

Click here to see what
we've been doing!

January 2021

Click here to see what
we've been up to!



 The Earley Risers have moved! 

We are now holding our meetings
at the new offices of Sensory Dimensions.

They are situated in Lower Earley, close to the M4
(between Junctions 10 & 11)

click here for details