Our September '21 club meeting

September was a quiet month.

Hugh, Jeff, Peter and Steve turned up to do some modelling. Les V came for a chat. While Liz and Geoff put in an appearance.

Steve keeping an eye on everyone, while progressing his engine and Triplane.

Jeff with Leopard

Peter with various bits


Hugh with Thunderscreech














Some people who couldn't make it to the club meeting
sent words and pictures to show what they've been up to recently.


“Have been working hard over the last few months, mainly in the garden cutting hedges, so in August I only managed to finally complete my Black Label 1:35 Saladin Mk2based on the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment in Sharjab during 1968. 

I used as my inspiration an article in the May 2015 Model Military International. This included adding 3 Firestorm figures and various resin equipment. I also added a machine gun with a scratch built support mount. There were no internal parts supplied for the inside of the 3 hatches but using pictures I found on the web, and what was covered in the article, I built up the missing fittings. 

The colour scheme may not be 100% correct because  I could not find any actual pictures from that time, but it is similar to pictures of restored Saladins and matches the colour scheme in the plans. There are a number of small mistakes, some of which got covered up when I sprayed a final light dusting of sand. Not really good enough to win any prizes but it does add to my learning curve and I am pleased with the final result.”







September has been a bit better with the completion of the Airfix Collectors Series Bengal Lancer. It took a couple of attempts to get the turban correct but it now looks fairly good, but still a long way to go to get near to big Mick's standard. The horse comes from a different model in the series and I have also added additional braiding to the sleeves as seen in prints on the web.


I then completed painting an Andrea Miniature metal figure of an Egyptian Cavalryman, though I will have to redo the edge stitching on the robe as the first attempt was not to scale.


I am now working on an Eduard 1:48 Fokker E.II which was intended to be 'And Here is One I did Earlier', but it could now become 'The One I almost Finished Later'. Not very happy working with photo-etch, my main problem is getting things to stick down though I seem to have no trouble sticking things to my fingers, tools and work area.”


First, second and final effort.



"My August/September leisure time has been pretty much devoted to aircraft modelling. I completed the Hobby Boss Saab J-29 Tunnan in 1/48 (see photo on my gallery), and got stuck in with a kit which will form part of my set for this year’s SMW – this is an ancient (1980) Mania kit of the Nakajima Ki-27 Nate, which I did straight out of the box. Amazingly the decals were perfect after 40 years! I acquired a second Mania Ki-27 from that auction website, and on examining it, found it to be the Hasegawa kit in Mania packaging. They are identical apart from decals.

Between the two Ki-27s I started another oldie, an Otaki Nakajima Ki-44 Tojo, which again is the precursor to the current Hasegawa kit. Unfortunately the decals on this one are badly crazed, so an aftermarket set has been used. I also have the Hasegawa version on the stack and that will get done as an OOB entry for SMW.

Finally I have a Hobby Boss RF-80A Shooting Star, just arrived from you know where, and I might start that before next meeting."

"A couple of pics of Nate number one attached.  See you soon!"