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Rules & Regulations - Updated for 2024

The 2024 Summer Competitions will be held at the July meeting

All models should be entered into one of the main two competitions;
Either The Earley Risers Challenge Cup or The Risers Plate

Challenge Cup

For any  modified  model & open to all paid up members of the club.

• Entries may be modified at will from any combination of kit parts, after market upgrades or be scratch built.
• Additional figures are permitted, such as a ship’s crew, passengers etc.
• It may be prudent for the modeller to place written notes and/or pictorial evidence
alongside their entry, to bring to the attention of the judges the amount of detailing and/or conversion undertaken.

There are 8 Classes in the Challenge Cup

• Figures
 Civilian Land
 Military Land
 Civilian Air
• Military Air
• Marine subjects
• Miscellaneous subjects
• Dioramas

Earley Risers Plate

For any unmodified model built to the kit instructions
& open to all paid up members of the club

• Entries must conform to IPMS definitions ofstraight from the box i.e. only elements of the kit may be used; hatches and canopies may only be displayed open if that is possible without modifying kit items. Similarly control surfaces may only be displaced if separate kit items.
• Rigging, seat belts & aerials are allowed as are alternative markings and paint finish.

 Kit instructions should be made available if requested on the day of competition 
Failure to do so may result in withdrawal from the competition if there is a challenge and they are not provided.
• One additional figure is allowed (to indicate scale) over and above the crew provided in the kit.
• It may be of benefit to indicate to the judges if their entries are either of resin or vac-formed origin.

There are 7 Classes in the ER Plate

• Civilian Land
• Military Land
• Civilian Air
• Military Air
• Marine subjects
• Miscellaneous subjects

General Rules

• All entries must have been completed (Finished, not necessarily started) in the 12 months since previous competitions and be the modelers own work.
• Models that have been entered in previous years are not eligible unless substantially reworked or incorporated into a diorama.
• There will be an entry fee of £1.00 per entry for the first 3 models and no extra charge for each additional entry, to be paid before judging commences. e.g. a modeller entering a diorama comprising three models and two other separate entries would pay £3.00.
• There is no limit to number of entries from each individual.
• It is up to each individual to check if their models are eligible for the trophy and class that they enter into.
• Any suspected infringement of the rules must be brought to the attention of the Branch Secretary, or Competition Secretary before judging commences.
• Classes maybe combined if there are not enough entries to support them.
• If in doubt please don’t hesitate to ask.


In order to decide each of the 15 Class winners, all of the classes will be judged by Secret Ballot from all attending current, fully paid up club members.
To decide the overall winners of the Challenge Cup and Earley Risers Plate, along with runners up, there will be a Second Ballot of each of the class winners (where applicable) in each of the Cup (8) & Plate (7) Competitions.
The second ballot will also be used to determine the winners of the “Other Awards”.

Prize monies

There will be no prize monies awarded

Note: The Cup/Plate winners will decide between themselves which one of their models will be entered into the IPMS(UK) Class 95 Branch Champion competition at the following Scale ModelWorld in November. (Subject to eligibility)

Note: The Cup/Plate winners will not be eligible to enter the same competition the following year but may be called on to adjudicate in the event of a tie for the award. In the event of a tie for an award the adjudication team will select the winner.

Other Awards

All models that are selected for the Second Ballot become eligible for the following class awards. They will each be judged from the two winners of the ER plate and Challenge Cup classes.
This year a certificate will be awarded to each winner of the “Best” awards

Best Figure

Best Civilian Land

Best Military Land

Best Civilian Air

Best Military Air

Best Marine subject

Best Miscellaneous subject

Best Diorama 
Best diorama will be awarded to the model selected to win the diorama class in the Challenge Cup.

Judged from ALL entries, these Trophies will be presented to the winners of the following two awards:

Branch Secretary's Whimsey
Automatic entry for all models in Competitions.
Any entry that, in the Branch Secretary's opinion, has prize-winning qualities warranting some mention.

Tim’s Progress Plate
Automatic entry for all models in Competitions.
For the model/diorama that, in Tim's opinion, shows the entrant has made the most progress in the past year.

Class Definitions
All entries in each class may be in any scale

Single foot or mounted figures includes busts and flats.
• Animals can also fall into this class.
• Subject matter can range from fantasy through to military and civilian.
• Groups of figures forming a vignette – max 4 figures. No vehicles.
• Groundwork and total presentation will be part of the judging criteria.
Civilian Land
• Any vehicle/equipment in civilian service. Includes military equipment in civilian service.
Military Land
• Any vehicle/equipment in military service.
Civilian Air
• Any aircraft/aviation equipment in civilian service. Includes military equipment in civilian service.
Military Air
• Any aircraft/aviation equipment in military service.
Marine subjects
• Any Marine subject
Miscellaneous subjects
• Any model not covered by the above classes such as sci-fi, toon models, hypothetical subjects etc
• Two or more models on a scenic base, with or without figures, conveying a specific theme or real-life situation.
• Subject matter can range from fantasy through to military and civilian.
• Groundwork and total presentation will be part of the judging criteria.
Note: All Dioramas are to be entered into the Challenge Cup competition only.
Individual items within the diorama are not eligible for separate entry in other classes.