Largest number of entries at our 2022 Summer Competitions

The 75 entries, split into 7 main categories

After a two year break, our Summer Competition came back with a bang.

12 people entered 75 models between them, with every class having at least one model. This is the largest competition we have ever had. We moved to the conference room to run the competition, and this seemed to work very well.

15 club members had the tough task of judging all these models. The standard of models was high and the competition fierce across the 13 different trophies. 7 different people won trophies with others coming very close.

Well done to all the winners and everyone who took part, it was a very impressive spread. Thanks to everyone who helped set-up and run the competition, to the judges who had to deal with the tiebreaks and everyone for there patience and good humour as we managed so many models.

Sean Clarke
Competition Secretary 

Challenge Cup Air entries above
ER's Plate Air below

Some of the ERs judging the Finals of the Challenge Cup
and Earley Risers' Plate competitions.

The Results

Challenge Cup
The following models went into the final judging
for the Challenge Cup.

Diesel Engine.  Steve

IJN Chokai.  Andrew*

F4U Corsair   Mark 
After a tiebreak with Steve’s Hellcat II

Earley Risers' Plate
The following models went into the final judging
for the Earley Risers Plate.

Dust Droid.  Steve
After a tiebreak with Steve’s Nashorn

Buccaneer's Pistol.  Steve

P47D.  Steve*
After a tiebreak with Sean’s P47

*The final winner was Andrew *The final winner was Steve

Other Awards

Lockdown Labours
Sean’s Marder II
Diorama Cup
Andrew’s Leuna Petrol station
and Mercedes 170V
Americas Best 
Tim L’s Deuce
and a Half.
After a tiebreak with Mark’s Hornet
Mick Marshall
Claret Jug

Tim P’s Tempest
1/35 Military Plate
Sean’s Stuart – late production.
After a tiebreak with Tim’s Deuce and a Half
Best Dressed Civies
Hugh’s Chilton DW1
Curtis Trophy
Phil’s 2ndBN Scots Guards
Falklands 1982 Bust
George Clark Naval Cup
Andrew’s HMS Hermes.
After a tiebreak with Mark’s Sea Harrier 
Jubilee Cup
Sean’s Marder II
Branch Secretary’s Whimsey
Phil for his scratch built
Nashikidze-Charron scout car
Tim’s progress plate 
Andrew for his collection
of waterline ships

...and some of the happy smiling winners!!?