Summer Competition 2014

Held at our Club Meeting in May, we had 29 model entries,
entered by 11 of our membership.

Entries were intensely scrutinised and after tie breakers were needed in 2 classes, the first heat winners were compared against each other again in a second ballot. Both sets of final placings needed a tie break decision so both Tref and Hugh, as last year's winners, were called in to adjudicate again!



Challenge Cup

First (Sea) Off to Market by Steve Abbey

Second (Air) B17E by Andrew Johnson

Third (Land) Sk.Dfz 223 by Sean Clarke


Risers Award

First (Land) Skaven Screaming Bell by Steve Abbey

Second (Air) North American X-15 by Liz Craig-Abbey

No Third Place as there were no Sea entries


Naval Cup
RN Sea King by George Clark

Best of America
B-17E Fortress
by Andrew Johnson

Diorama Cup 
Lancaster Dispersal
by Andrew Johnson

Dressed in Civvies 
Iron Man by Liz Craig-Abbey

1/35 scale Military plaque  Sk.Dfz 223
Leichter Panzerspahwagon Funk by Sean Clarke


Branch Secretary's

Napier Heston J5
by Hugh Beyts