Summer Competition 2011

This was held at the club's May meeting. Although there were only 34 competition entries this year, it was quite exciting. Two of the final results were so close they were judged on a tiebreaker.

The Earley Risers Plate (Best model straight from the box) and Challenge Cup (Best converted/detailed model), are each chosen from the best Land, Sea and Air entry.

As there was no entry, the Sea section of the Earley Risers Plate was not contested.


The Winners in 2011


The results were:

Earley Risers Plate:

1st Hugh Beyts – Gloster Gauntlet

2nd+ Sean Clarke – Panzer IIC

3rd not awarded – no Sea entry

Earley Risers Challenge Cup

1st++ Steve Abbey – Mosquito Tse-tse

2nd Andrew Johnson – Stridsvagn 122 (it’s an AFV!)

3rd Les Beaumont – German Ship’s Catapult

Other award winners were:

1:35 scale Military Plaque – Steve Abbey – Tiger II

Naval Cup – Ed Pinniger – RAF Rescue Launch

Tim's Progress Plate – Andrew Johnson

America's Best – Mark Hill - F-104C

Diorama Award – Andrew Johnson – Hurricane dispersal

+After a tiebreak with Liz’s Morgan 3-wheeler

++After a tiebreak with Ed’s Roland CII

Thank you to all members who entered and all those who took part in the judging. Unfortunately Andrew had to leave early, so his awards were not presented on the day.


0 Winners.jpg


1 Cup Land Sea Air Winners.jpg

Cup Land Sea Air Winners

1 Naval-USA -1-35 winners.jpg

Naval-USA -1-35 winners

2 Cup entries.jpg

Cup entries

3 Cup sea entries.jpg

Cup sea entries

4 Dioramas.jpg


5 Plate a-c.jpg

Plate a-c

6 Judging 1.jpg

Judging 1

7 Judging 2.jpg

Judging 2