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Winning Stands!


SMW 22 - We received Bronze Award!

ERs receive the Jesse Wright Bronze Award in 2022  

SMW 16 - We achieved Silver Award!

 The ERs receive Jesse Wright Silver Award in 2016 

SMW 19 - We received Bronze Award!

 During our Silver Jubillee year, we receive the Jesse Wright Bronze Award at Telford  

SMW 12 - We received Bronze Award!

ERs receive the Jesse Wright Bronze Award in 2012  

SMW 14 - We were the Champions!

 The ERs are the Jesse Wright Trophy winners at Telford 


Our Competitions

The Antics Cup

The Antics Cup was presented by Andy Hills of Antics model shops and is judged each year by Andy from entries on ourstand at Scale Model World


1 All entries will follow the theme selected for the SMW club display.

2 Each model must be identified as being an entry to the competition (numbers, to be placed adjacent to each entry, will be supplied on completion of the documentation)

3  ER members are limited to a single entry, from their models on the stand - as long as it has not been entered into any previous Antics Cup competitions.

4 A charge of £1.00 will be levied per entry (before completion of the documentation)

5 The Cup, plus awards for second and third place, subject to their safe return, will be awarded on the Sunday of SMW

The ERs Choice Trophy

The best model on our stand at SMW, as chosen by all participating members


1. Each of the Members present may select, in their own opinion, the best two models on the stand

2. A member may pick one of his/her own models if it is, in their own honest opinion, considered to be the best on the stand

3. A trophy will be presented each year to the modeller with the model voted as The ERs Choice






Themes for Scale ModelWorld

2007  Civvie street

2008.  "From Russia with..."

2009.  The Mediterranean

2010.  Between the Wars

2011.  Winter Wonderland

2012.  The Night is Ours  -  Bronze Award Winner

2013.  "Ready Steady Go, it's 1963"

2014.  ERs@20  -  Gold Award Winner

2015.  A-Z of the Natural World

2016.  50 Shades of Grey. -  Silver Award winner

2017.  The Eclectic Mix

2018.  Blue is the colour!

2019.  Silver Jubillee -  Bronze Award Winner

2020.  No competition due to COVID 19

2021.  "Here's one I built earlier!"

2022.  Making the most of it - 50+ years of mould -  Bronze Award Winner

2023.  Going green with the Earley Risers

2024.  "This is me, this is what I do!"