A bumper crop of 'Green' models at SMW23


The Stand

This year we had a great turnout with 18 club members supporting the club at the show. There were 52 models on the stand from 17 club members. 

We build a diverse range of subjects and I think our display demonstrated this.


Our ‘Going green’ theme went down well and the stand looked great. The standard of modelling in the club is high. 

Visitor engagement and feedback was very positive.


Thanks to everyone for their input, help setting up, getting models to the stand on time and making the weekend such fun.


The Mandolorian “Grogu” • Mick
Preying Mantis • Steve
Leaky Boat Loiue: • Liz
Green Goblin • liz

E Type Jaguar • Ian

A34 Comet • Jeff
M-10 IIC Achilles • Tim L
Universal Carrier Mk II • Tim L
Staghound MK.1 • Sean

M-12 155mm • The Nige
‘Pibber’ US Navy • Steve
AH-1 Cobra • Tim P


69 Ford Mustang Boss 302 • Dave
Lotus 25 • Tim L
Para-Bike • Hugh
Deutz D30 Tractor • Steve

Maschinen Krieger Antigrav • Steve
Bae Harrier GR5 • Tim P
SAAB Draken • Tim P
Knight Desecrator • Ewan

BA-20 mod.1937• Sean
KV-1• Ewan
Mechanical Dynastes • Liz
Cassutt IIIM • Peter


Bond Bug • Peter
Bentley Blower • Liz
Beach Buggy • Ian

Honda Gorilla • Dave
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R • Dave

Toyota Hilux 4WD • Dave
1959 Chevrolet Impala • Peter
Vespa Primavera • Steve

Peterbilt 377 • Mick
Thunderbird 2 • Mick
Shelby Cobra 427 • Mick



Gundam Red Frame • Ewan
Muromachi Samurai • Roger
Blockhead T-10B Gundam • Tim L 

1965 Chevrolet Chevelle • Jeff
66 Chevvy Pick up • Dave
Sopwith Camel • Mark

Supermarine Channel MkI • Hugh
SE5a • Hugh
Phoenix DII • Hugh




M1142 TFFT • Mick
Centurion Mk V • Jeff

P-51B Mustang • Sean
M-25 Dragon Wagon • The Nige
M4A3 E8 Sherman • Jeff

T29 E1 • Nige
DUKW 353 • Simon

Zlin Z-37A CMELAK • Ben

Steve gains a set of medals on the competition tables

He managed to achieve Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for his three entries

Airfix Maudsleys Steam-driven
paddle engine
1/35 Russian Caterpillar Tractor
by Trumpeter
Pyro lifesize
Pirate's Flintlock pistol


Stand Competitions

Mick completed the clean sweep winning both ER Choice and Antics Trophy with his excellent M1142 firefighting truck. 

The Earley Risers Choice Award

Chosen each year by all Club Members attending SMW23. In a close competition between 13 different models, results for second and third places were very close.


M1142 TFFT
Firefighting truck                        
Mick Hazell
69 Ford Mustang
Boss 302
David Rackley
Gundam Astry
Red Frame Custom
Ewan Atkins
M-12 155mm Gun Motor Carriage                
Nigel Atkins

The Antics Trophy

Judged each year by Andy Hills from Antics.
A big thanks to Andy for judging the Antics Trophy this year. He had the tough job of choosing between 13 models.
£13 were raised for club funds.


M1142 TFFT Firefighting truck                        
Mick Hazell
Gundam Astry
Red Frame Custom
Ewan Atkins

Simon Leadbetter

...and behind the scenes...!

Let us not forget those who put in a lot of time and effort to keep the show running.

As well as running Front of House for both days, Liz (along with Steve!) was in early on Friday & Saturday morning arranging the set up and wristbands. Mick, Geoff and Steve trained up as Banksmen in order to undertake Trade vehicle marshalling both on Friday morning and Sunday evening after everyone had gone home. Tim L and Simon did their bit for the club by manning IPMS Merchandising during the day.