Blue is the colour for SMW2018

There was a wet and windy start to the SMW18 weekend. Volunteers Mark and Martin (Treasurer and Office),
Liz (Front of House) and Steve (Audit & general dogsbody!) arrived early to help out on Friday morning. The set
up crew, who were Geoff, Jeff, Big Mick, Hugh, Phil and Richard arrived as near as possible to the 3pm start time.

The stand was quickly put up and populated with our models (which included models by those who couldn't make
it to the show on Friday; George, Tref, Peter and Les V.) -- although Steve only remembered the ballons after the
halls were vacated in the evening!

Tim arrived on Saturday morning with his models, a couple of which were finished by lunchtime!

Click here to get a closer look at the models on our stand!


Competition winners


No Golds this year!
Hugh's magnificent Supermarine Channel Mk1 Flying Boat was pipped at the post by a seemingly simple Lightning prototype.
(Ee woz robbed!) It also won The Aviation Hobby Shop Trophy.

Elsewhere, Phil picked up a Silver for his
'The Loner' figure and a Bronze for his Ehrhardt E.IV PzKw 1920 armoured car.

The Antics Trophy
Chosen by Andy Hills, was won by Mick's Desert Nomad, with Steve's Tyrell 6-wheeler in second place,
followed by Mick's F-18 egg plane in third.

The ERs' Choice
A hotly contested competition this year, with all 46 models on our stand in the running. At one stage, with only 3 ERs to vote (including those who had only come to visit the show) it looked as if there was going to be a three-way tie. In the end, a winner was chosen - Steve's Tyrell P34 6-wheeler F1 nudged out Hugh's Gloster V1 and Steve's Hannover, by one vote, into joint runners-up. This left Tref's Deltic and Phil's 1949 Ford' Gasser', with one vote less, in joint 4th place.