Scale ModelWorld 2013 - "Ready Steady Go, it's 1963"

To celebrate the IPMS Golden Jubilee, the Earley Risers' stand had a 1963 style. 
An eclectic mix of models depicted subjects seen at the time.
The banner "Ready Steady Go..." was from the title of a ground breaking TV pop show that first appeared in '63.


Antics Cup winners

This year, Tref's 'Deltic at York' won the Antics Trophy, with Hugh's Tupolev Bear a worthy runner-up and Tim's Lotus 25 racing car, ( in which Jim Clark won the '63 Formula 1 season) came in third.


IPMS Competition winners

Hugh's Salamander won a Gold medal. Tref's Evening Star received a Bronze, while both Steve's Fokker D.VII and Skaven Screaming Bell gained Commended certificates.