Scale ModelWorld 2015 - A-Z of the Natural World


During an unseasonally mild (but very wet) weekend in November, the Earley Risers made their annual pilgrimage to SMW15 at Telford in Shropshire. Most Risers arrived to set up during Friday afternoon, although the last stragglers arrived on Saturday morning. Les just about finished his massive E-type Jag in time!

Success at the Competition Tables 

Hugh, Big Mick and Steve all had competition success, with Hugh gaining two Golds for his Staggerwing and Citroen, Mick received Gold, Bronze and Commended for his busts, while Steve picked up a Silver medal for his Stephenson's Rocket

Hugh's Citroen

Hugh's Beechcraft Staggerwing












Mick Hazell's Shield Maiden

Mick's Saladin

Mick's 9/11 Fireman 343

Steve's Stephenson's Rocket

Nautilus from Liz wins both Antics Cup and the ERs Choice Award

Hugh's Albatros came 2nd, with Tim's Lynx 3rd in the Antics Cup.

After a recount, Steve's Zelva tied with Jeff's Elefant in 2nd place for the ERs Choice.