Scale ModelWorld 2014 - "ERs @ 20"

                   We are The Champions!                  


This year, we gained the Jessie Wright Trophy. This is awarded to the IPMS branch whose
stand is judged the best at the show. It appears that 7 out of the 11 judges voted for our display.

(Sean did get quite emotional!)

Double victory for Sean

Sean's Challenger tank fought off all other contenders to win not only the Antics Cup, but also the new ERs Choice trophy. The highly detailed Tamiya model represents the AFV that Sean's brother used to serve in.

Seconds for Hugh Hugh's Beechcraft came second in the Antics Trophy and ERs Choice competition. Liz, with her Bat Wing and Steve, with his Stephenson's Rocket, came third in the Antics Trophy and ERs Choice respectively


Tref and Hugh win medals in the IPMS competition

Hugh won a Gold for his Napier Heston J5, while Tref's Deltic achieved Silver

Don't forget the volunteers

While Hugh helped with the judging on Saturday, Liz seemed to spend a lot of time all through the weekend helping at the cashiers and Kitswap areas and Mick helped at the IPMS desk.  Finally, Liz, Richard, Steve and Jeff helped marshal the Traders' vans, long after everyone headed for home!