An eclectic mix at SMW17

Because of a stand delivery problem, our display didn't have the tall backdrop banner.

In spite of this, our display attracted a lot of interest and favourable comments. Liz and Steve arrived on Friday morning to help set up the show. Geoff, Jeff, Big Mick, Sean, Phil and Hugh, plus Richard arrived to set our and Wallingford's stands in the afternoon. With Tref arriving in the evening. Tim, Tom and Julie arrived early on Saturday morning to complete the display. 

Results at the National Competition tables

Hugh won Gold for his FE-8, which represented 
The Earley Risers in the Branch Competition

Big Mick won 2 Silver for his Tank Commender and 'Ned from
the North' busts, with a Commended for his U-Boat Commander.

Phil, after several years away from the hobby, made a
comeback with Commendeds for his Suevian Chieftain 
and Saxon Warrior figures

Steve won a Commended for his Railway truck

Earley Risers Awards

This year, each contributor was asked to display the widest range of their models;
from aircraft to tanks, figures and fantasy.

An eclectic mix of modellers and their models

Antics Trophy Winners
First : Sean, Second : Liz, Third : Hugh

Earley Risers Choice Award
First : Liz, Second : Hugh, Third: Steve