Earley Risers at SMW 2011 - Winter Wonderland

This year the stand had a ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme, with models from all sorts of genres laid out on a snowy surface.  It certainly created a lot of interest amongst the show-going public. Sean won the Antics Cup with his German Halftrack. Steve came second with his Stormovik and Mark third with his Warrior.
In the competition area Hugh won a Silver medal with his scratch-built Vickers Gunbus (‘e woz robbed!) which also gained the Albion Alloys Trophy. His Gloster Gauntlet picked up the Aeroclub Trophy. Steve’s Da Vinci gunboat also gained a ‘Commended’, whilst Liz picked up a special award from the Czech Republic.

0 Stand 1.jpg

Stand 1

0 Stand 2.jpg

Stand 2

0 Stand 3.jpg

Stand 3

0 Stand 4.jpg

Stand 4

1 Hughs Silver winning Gunbus.jpg

Hughs Silver winning Gunbus

1 Richards Warwick.jpg

Richards Warwick

1 Steves commended Multipla.jpg

Steves commended Multipla

1 Trefs airliners.jpg

Trefs airliners

2 Czech award for Liz.jpg

Czech award for Liz

2 Hughs winning Gauntlet.jpg

Hughs winning Gauntlet

2 Seans winning SdKfz 251_3 Ausf B.jpg

Seans winning SdKfz 251_3 Ausf B