Summer '17, a good time for Hugh and Mark.

Mixed fortunes for everyone at this year's Summer Competitions. The awards were shared amongst most of the 8 entrants, who submitted 19 models between them.

There were no entries in both the Sea categories, and the Naval Cup was not contested

Hugh won the Challenge Cup with his scratch-built FE8

Mark's Sopwith Pup 
won the
Earley Risers Plate

Andrew won the new Curtis Trophy, presented by Sean, for his German Cavalry diorama


1/35 scale Military Plaque went to Sean's Diorama "Someone's Father, someone's Son."

Americas Best Award went to Hugh's Stinson Reliant


Diorama Award was won by Andrew's Soviet HQ

Dressed in Civvies Award went to Les Vowles' Lockheed Vega

BS's Whimsey went to Andrew's T-26


Les Beaumont was awarded Tim's Progress Plate


Further results:

Challenge Cup - 2nd: Sean's Valentine - 3rd: Andrew's Cavalry

ER Plate - 2nd: Andrew's GAZ M-1