Sean & Steve win this year

Once again we are indebted to Sean for organising us on the competition day!

There were 35 entries this year, an improvement on last year. Although one class - Challenge Cup Sea - was not contested.

Judging was intense, with all 17 attendees spending quite a while carefully scrutinising the entries. This was followed by a second ballot of the five class winners in order to decide the Challenge Cup and Risers Award Plate recipients.

Sean and Steve won the Challenge Cup and The Risers Award Plate this year, from a field of 35 entries.
There wre also awards for Mark, Hugh, Andrew, Jeff and Big Mick






The Results for this year's competitions were:


The Challenge Cup was won by Sean's Sherman DV.
Which also gained the 1/35 Military Plaque

Steve's Hannover CL1 achieved second place.

The Earley Risers Plate Award was won by Steve's Lanchester armoured car.

Mark's Walrus gained second place, with Steve's Arkanaught  Frigate coming third.

Other Awards  

Mick Marshall Memorial Trophy - Mark's Harrier GR7

Curtis Award for figures - Steve's Sniper!

Naval Cup - Mark's Walrus 

Dressed in Civvies - Hugh's Supermarine Channel

America's Best - Andrew's B-17G 

Jubilee Cup - Sean's Hurricane 

Best Diorama - Steve's Sniper!

Tim's Progress Award - Big Mick

Branch Secretary's Whimsy - Jeff's 1936 Ford Coupe