Summer Competitions 2015

  Sean does well this Summer

Yes, Sean picked up both the Challenge Cup and The Earley Risers Plate at our Summer Competitions Day.

(Click on images if you want to see larger pictures)

Plenty of smiling faces - Mark, Hugh and Andrew also had cause to celebrate

For the first time ever, the were no entries for the Challenge Cup(Air) competition ...Steve was not eligible this year and Hugh didn't quite get his potential entry finished in time! Sadly there were no entries for the ER Plate (Sea) competition either.

  The Results in full: 

Challenge Cup

Winner  BT-7 by Sean Clarke

2nd place  IJN Akagi by Andrew Johnson

1/35 Scale Military Plaque

Winner  BT-7 by Sean Clarke

America's Best Award

F-8 Crusader by Mark Hill

Dressed in Civvies

Citroen by Hugh Beyts

Tim's Progress Plate

(Not surprisingly!) Sean Clarke

ER Plate

Winner  Matilda by Sean Clarke

2nd Place  Messerschmitt Bf109 E by Sean Clarke

Naval Cup

IJN Akagi by Andrew Johnson

Diorama Award

KV-1 by Andrew Johnson

Branch Secretary's Whimsey

Gladiator by Mark Hill



Sean's BT-7

Sean's Matilda

Mark's Crusader


Mark's Gladiator

Hugh's Citroen

Andrew's KV-1 Diorama


Andrew's IJN Akagi