What's happening in 2023?

Shows and Meetings in 2023
Shown in good faith, but subject to change/cancellation


January 22 Meeting 14 members attended through the day



ERs start 2023 with a double header weekend!

We visited Bovington Tank Museum all weekend, 
as well as The Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden on Sunday

Bovington SW model show
Jeff and Sean had a busy weekend, helped by Peter and Mark on Saturday.
It was said to be a good show again by all members attending, with lots of things to buy and to see good time had by all.

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Old Warden model show Show
Liz and Steve set up bright and early, closely followed by Peter!
Hugh and Pamela arrived to complete the stand set up.
It was a cold day - they left the hangar doors open!

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February 19 Meeting 14 members, including 1 newbie, attended through the day


March 19 Meeting 15 members, including another newbie, attended through the day



Bright new start with Poole Vikings

Poole show has moved across campus and put the whole show into the school's new sports hall.

It's big! Liz & Steve, Mark, Nige and Peter (with a little help from Geoff!) had plenty of space to display their models.

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April 16 Meeting 13 members, including 2 newbies, were there



A Fun Day at the Mosquito Museum

There were a lot of laughs and some great reunions at this year's model show

Hugh, Tim P, Peter along with Liz & Steve, managed to cope with all the attraction our stand gained, with its interesting collection of DH subjects - along with a few tractors, Crazy Surfers and other bits!.

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Gloucester - Sharing a stand with BDAC

Due to space constraints, Liz, Jeff & Steve shared a 2 table width, double depth pitch with IPMS BDAC at IPMS Gloucester's model show. That didn't stop them from getting stuck into some modelling!

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May 28 Meeting 15 members attended


Another double header weekend to start June!

We visited Salisbury IPMS show on Saturday, as well as Great North Show in North Shields on Sunday.

Hugh, Mark and Peter headed to Salisbury on Saturday,
where they were joined by Roly for the IPMS Salisbury Model Show.

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Liz and Steve ventured northward to the Great North Show in Tyneside on Sunday.

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June 18 Meeting 16 members attended 



BDAC model show a success

The Nige, Ewan & Steve pick up awards

After setting up on a rainy Saturday evening, Steve returned early on a glorious Sunday. He was joined by Jeff, The Nige & son Ewan, Roland and Peter. Under table sales were very successful at a well attended show.

Nigel gained a Silver Award for his Dragon Wagon, while Ewan and Steve achieved Highly Commendeds for their KV-1 tank and Pibber models respectively.

Busy Summer Competitions

A wider range of models, with more people entering less models!

This year, it was great to see many of our newcomers entering their models - and winning awards

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Hugh wins The Risers Award

Steve wins the Challenge Cup

Friendly show at The Helicopter Museum

Liz & Steve were joined by Jeff, Sean and Peter. The Nige brought along his son Ewan who became our newest club member on the day!

Yet another great show, with an abundance of friendly faces, was held in the Helicopter Museum, just outside Weston-super-Mare.

Several stands and traders were set up amongst the exhibits, whilst other (including The ERs!) were pitched at either end of the site

July 16 Meeting 18 members attendedincluding 1 newbie



6 (Sun) Avon IPMS Thornbury

ERs in force at Avon

Steve, followed by Jeff, The Nige & Ewan, followed by Tim, Mark and Dave attended the show at Thornbury. All seven filled our 3 tables with a varied mix of models that created interest throughout the day.

Many bargains were picked up from both traders and under tables.


The noise levels were so high, you had to stand up to converse with interested parties!



Even the big guns
were brought out!

August 17 Meeting 17 members attended through the day


20 (Sun) Farnborough IPMS Fleet

Large turnout at ModelFest 23

A whole bunch of ER members attended in support of IPMS Farnborough's reinstated ModelFest at there massive new venue.

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September 17 Meeting 16 members attended through the day


10 ERs at Abingdon's Show

We had a good display in the entrance to Abingdon's show, which attracted a great deal of attention.

Nige and Steve did well in the competition, with Nige coming away with a Gold for his JagdTiger and Steve gaining A Gold and Silver for his two Tractors

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ERs attend SW Model Show at Bovington Tank Museum

Photo Essay from Jeff - click here



Well attended REME Museum Show

The Magnificent Seven!

Seven Earley Risers put together an interesting display in the former RAF Lyneham Officers Mess at the REME Museum.

After an easy journey down the unhindered M4, Steve turned up really early and, after putting out the ER's stand, helped with the show set up.

Jeff and Rolly, soon followed by Peter, Nige and Ewan. Tim L's arrival completed the display.

Some of Tim's vehicles made their way to the Mullbery Harbour SIG stand opposite. While Geoff & Mick put on their Churchill SIG stand in one of the main halls.

Several members were able to whittle down their stashes with under the table sales!

October 22 Meeting 16 members attended through the day + 3 visitors!

We eventualy got the big SMW stand up, ready for 10/11 November at Telford.
We were able to decide where all our models would be displayed, who was going to transport the stand and who was to carry up other people's models.



November 19 Meeting 16 members attended through the day + 2 visitors!
All recovered from Telford!

Bugle Call 23

Our final show of the year, we travelled to Nailsea. Our stand was manned by Mick, Nige, Ewan and Sean,
who all entered models into the competition and received recognition

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