Tim Lowe

Like a lot of the club members, my early modeling experiences were Airfix 1/72 Aircraft, my first being the ubiquitous Spitfire Mk IX when I was about 7, thrown together with great globs of glue and painted all over in gloss green!! (I’m not sure my modeling techniques have improved a lot since then…)

I’m sure that during my childhood and early teens I must have put together just about everything in the Airfix catalogue plus a few Frog and Revell models about at that time. In my twenties I turned to Military Vehicles and modeled a few in 1/35 scale – mostly US Army from WWII and then lost interest while my children were growing up.

I redicovered modeling at age 51 and was amazed at the range of kits and aftermarket accessories now available. I’m had to pick up almost as a beginner, having to re-learn techniques and learn lots of new ones that were simply unheard of when I was younger. I’m still struggling to get to grips with modern glue, which doesn’t seem to stick as well as the old stuff (except to my fingers…) and the use of an airbrush and masking.

Now my interest is mainly WWII Aircraft in RAF service, because that’ll give me enough to go on with. Since I visited my Uncle in the United States last year and learned of his exploits flying Bostons with the RAF before the USA entered the war, I’ve found that the research of a subject is as enjoyable as the finished article and so I’m no longer satisfied simply finishing the kit from the box. As a result I plan to model a number of aircraft over the next few months which have some significance to my family and friends.

Like Hugh, 1/48 is my preferred scale as my eyesight and big knobbly fingers preclude anything in a smaller scale, particularly with the bewildering choice of aftermarket bits with which to detail the cockpits etc, most of which are too small to be seen with (my) naked eye!!

Since joining the club, though I haven’t been able to attend too many meetings, nor actually finish many models yet. I’ve found everyone really helpful and supportive and hope to have something worthwhile to exhibit in the near future!!


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