Martin Tubbs

I can remember modelling as a young boy. Almost always cheap Airfix kits that came in plastic bags. Never painted anything, the fun was in assembling kits as fast as possible and it didn't matter if there was glue everywhere either.

In my teens I had a go at HMS Victory which I actually painted - until then I'd never heard of yellow ochre paint. Funny how things stay with you. I can also remember building a large scale Spitfire and painting that but couldn't see the point in painting a Stirling black when the plastic sprue was black to start with.

I met Mark Hill a few short years ago and discovered he was a keen modeller. At the time I had been putting together a 1:72 scale Harrier (only for about two years). First thing he told me when he saw it was that the engine intakes were upside down - I couldn't tell the difference. It is now finished thanks to Mark's patience and paints. Since we met, Mark has mentored me through a Welsh Models vacform BOAC VC10 (my favourite aircraft ever), a Red Baron Fokker including a base, and a 1:144 scale DC3 - less said about that the better.

Somewhen in 2005 (I can't remember the date) Mark, Les and I went to Yate for a model show. I had never seen so many models(fantastic!) and so many people who need to eat less and do some more exercise. The evidence suggests that modelling does not keep the body in trim.

It was at the Yate show that I met some of the Earley Risers. I joined the club in January 2006, my first experience being that Hugh had forgotten the keys so we couldn't get in. The morning was spent trying to remember names which I am absolutely hopeless at. Afterwards I got Mark to tell me who had been sitting where for next time and I wrote it all down - I still haven't met everybody.

My collection of models-to-make is steadily growing although my production rate has not increased. Having holidayed in Australia in late 2005 and seen the beasts in the outback for real, I bought a 1:24 scale Italeri Aussie road train tractor unit(Western Star) and one day I would like to build the trailers for it. If it ever happens it will be big and will have to be stored in my shed, which first needs sorting out, but then so does the garage, and the garden. And the whole house needs redecorating according to the wife - oh joy!

Some images of my models:  and click here for the latest ones