Liz Craig-Abbey

Liz Craig-Abbey

Here is a picture of Mrs Earley Risers.

I started modelling later in life than most of you guys. In 2002 to be exact, when my husband Steve bought me my first model (Hasegawa, F16) at my first show (Yeovilton). It has never been finished and I have to admit ended up in the bin a couple of years later! Still it did start an interest off and made me realise that I preferred slightly unusual models rather than fast, modern jets.

I'm not a particularly prolific modeller and build out of the box, but I do try to do a land, sea and air model every year. These are usually made with the club theme in mind although occasionally an extra one slips in (eg 2008 I can't seem to get Wallace and Gromit into the club theme this year). The more unusual, old or characterful the better, the type doesn't matter too much. I do not have a specific interest or `fetish' as such.

I'm used to the comments from other modellers that they have to sneak new models into the house without their wives seeing (I think they are joking!), I carry them in for Steve. But he has had to make room in the storage for my stash which seems to be building up at quite a fast rate. I did say that I would not buy another model till I had finished the one on the go, but that fell by the wayside early on!

I enjoy the shows, especially the Nationals, the meeting and chatting with people and of course I don't have to queue for the loos at most shows! Unlike the quilting and patchwork shows I also go to. All in all it's good fun that can take as much or as little time you wish (the housework does get in the way too much to my way of thinking), and allows some creative and artistic expression.


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