Treflyn Lloyd-Roberts

I started building plastic models while at primary school, the usual Airfix and Matchbox. I also got involved in model railways, trying to scratch build some of the locomotives and units not available as ready-to-run. I stopped when LPs became a higher priority on my pocket money.

I started modelling again in 2000. My main interests in modelling are civil airliners (especially planes and airlines that I have flown in), and railways (especially detailing the old Kitmaster/Airfix kits). A decade of frequent work visits to Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia led to a specific interest in airliners from that part of the world.

The railway aspect was re-kindled as a direct result of being part of the club and wanting to build something for the stand at Scale Model World in 2010 – I wasn’t flying on airliners between 1919 and 1939 (The theme was "Between the Wars")
so had to find something else to model outside my comfort zone!

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