Hugh Beyts

I've been building models as long as I can remember out of anything I could use. Since being introduced to Airfix kits at the age of eight by an enlightened aunt I've concentrated on plastic but not exclusively.

My main interest is aviation particularly British aviation 1919-1939 though recently I've concentrated on the Great War 1914-18. Of late I have also enjoyed building 1:32 cars, many of which I crudely assembled as a youngster.

Although I originally cut my teeth on 1:72 scale models 1:48 is now the norm, partially because this produces a nice size of model both for viewing & display but also the old eyesight is no longer as keen as it was. Occasionally I have the urge to build something complex in 1:144 scale but the madness soon passes.

Amongst my models are several scratch-built 1:48 aircraft. This is an aspect of modelling which I find both challenging and rewarding.

I like to see what techniques and materials can be adapted to my modelling both from other modellers and also from a wider perspective. Club meetings, shows, talking to other modellers, exchanging ideas, interesting magazine articles and competitions are an important part of this process but there is also much which can be learnt from other types of modelling: of particular note is the realistic weathering achieved by some railway modellers.

With each successive model I try to incorporate a technique I have not previously tried or improve on one that I haven't mastered. This technique will then become standard on the next model. The aim is to make each model slightly better than the last but in simple stages. In theory combining everything together should give a pleasing result. It doesn't always work but things have improved since those Airfix models I built, some of which are still available over 60 year later. 


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