George Clark

I first started modelling in 1948 at the age of seven, with the old Frog and Kiellkraft balsa kits, but I didn't get on very well as I wasn't very good at carving. Then along came Airfix plastic kits in bags for 2/- from Woolworths. I built anything and everything till I was about 14 – then I started finding girls more interesting by far, so I stopped modelling.

It wasn't until my youngest boy ask me to make a 1:72 scale Lancaster for his school project that I started again, this time with with model railways. I did this for about ten years then I joined a local aviation society and started to make 1:48 scale Royal Navy aircraft. I then joined Thames Valley ATC IPMS Group who went on to become Earley Risers.

For a brief period I gave up modelling, went to the Dark Side and built a 4' model railway layout in my back garden. Now I'm back!

I have great fun modelling and going to shows with my models.


Sadly George passed away on Tuesday 1st February 2022, after recently celebrating his 81st birthday.

A prolific modeller, he will be sorely missed. In his heyday, George managed to produce at least one new Fleet Air Arm model each month - Both at The Earley Risers and at Wallingford IPMS where he was Branch Secretary.