Lance Salter

I've been modelling since around the age of 8 – just like all the kids around that time. My interest has always been in planes and aviation generally but I have made a few ships too. Being a modeller just seemed to happen. I remember my bedroom ceiling being almost totally obscured by all the planes hanging from it.

I make mainly Airfix and Matchbox kits. I still have a fondness for Matchbox although the kits are getting increasingly rare. Revell have the moulds now and they use them from time-to-time. The appeal of the Matchbox kits was that they came with different colour sprues so they didn't need painting.

I took a break from modelling during my late 20s and early 30s then, while in Chichester one day in a bargain bucket shop, I noticed they had models on a shelf (including a Pro-modeller FW190) and that was it, I was back into modelling although that particular kit is still not built.

I still like aviation related models but I'm also getting into armoured vehicles. I've recently built a couple of Revell kits but don't like the tracks so intend looking for some after-market parts soon.

I've become a very active modeller, preferring 1:72 or 1:76 scale – God's own scale. I'm an IPMS member and have joined four special interest groups (SIGs). I really like What-If, but also Cold-war (replacing TSR2 which is sadly folding), Luftwaffe and Soviet Aircraft.

I'm still learning. Sometimes I produce good stuff but other times I'm not satisfied. I guess I'm my own worse critic. During my modelling life I'd say I've probably made 200+ models and there are at least 100 more to make. Typical of most modellers I know I keep adding to my collection and I doubt I'll ever make them all.

Finally, I was born in London but have been living in Bracknell for quite a while. I'd been a solitary modeller until getting to know Earley Risers through 2005 Milton Keynes model show when I saw Steve Abbey's Earley Risers promotional flyer.


Sadly, Lance passed away in hospital on Monday 3rd April 2023.

He had been there for three weeks when he had a turn for the worst and suddenly slipped away.

He had not attended for quite a while due to his health problems. His outspoken manner and quirky sense of humour have been missed.