Mick Marshall

I started modelling when I was 13. I used to collect lead and sell it to the scrap man to pay for my models. Now the price of lead has gone up and the price of models has also increased I may have to start collecting lead again.

I remember that when I went to buy a Fergi tractor I didn't have enough money so the man in the shop took the tyres out of the box and kept them until I went back with the rest of the money.

The first time I painted anything on a model I bought a little capsule of red paint and painted the ends of the engines of a B52. Then I saw a pilot at RAF Benson with a red helmet and then spent the next I don't know how many years, painting pilots helmets red.

My main interest has always been Post War RAF aircraft. Over the years I've made most other types of models including boats, tanks, trains, etc, but I still tend to prefer British aircraft. I get a lot of the pleasure out of researching what the real thing looks like, before building a model of it.   


Sadly, Founder Member Mick Marshall passed away on 10th August 2017.

I’m sad to say that Mick finally succumbed to cancer and passed away this afternoon, Thursday 10 August. Wearing his Earley Risers regalia, he was buried in a private funeral up in Orkney.

He leaves behind Doreen, daughter Michelle and grandson Harry.

In 1992, Mick was one of the founding members of the model club that became the IPMS Air Cadet Group IPMS, which became the Earley Risers in 2004.

He was notorious amongst the cadets and staff at ATC Camps, for his pranks and practical jokes. 

Over the years, he helped many a youngster to finish their models and inspired more than a few to exceed their own expectations.

A quiet man, we will miss his dry wit and professionalism.

Goodbye Mick

A longtime friend
and colleague, he will be sorely missed.