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All types of models and modellers

We are a bunch of like minded people who get a bit of a buzz out of making plastic models. Some build models straight from the box - or plastic bag, while others like to scratch build and put in lots of details. To give you some idea of the range of models, have a look at our members' biographies and our galleries. We all enjoy the hobby and everyone is happy to talk about their models, or ask for help, swap techniques, or offer encouragement. The Earley Risers Model Club is a branch of the IPMS(UK) as such most, although not all, of our members have IPMS membership.

A Fun Day's Modelling, 10 'til 5pm

The club meets in Earley, on the Southwest side of Reading, usually on the third Sunday of each month. Some members turn up for a full day's modelling (10:00 - 17:00), while others come along anytime during the day, just for a chat. 

If you would like to join us, or find out more about The Earley Risers

Please contact Steve Abbey, or come and see us at any of the model shows we'll be attending during the year.


Next meeting

20 October

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17th November







 The Earley Risers have moved! 

We are now holding our meetings
at the new offices of Sensory Dimensions.

They are situated in Lower Earley, close to the M4
(between Junctions 10 & 11)

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Latest News from The Earley Risers

    Warm again at ModelFest!  

IPMS Farnborough always seem to pick warm weather for their annual model show.

A great day was had by one and all.

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   Busy day at Old Sarum.  

Liz, Martin, Roly, Steve and Jeff, were set up in a quiet corner, tucked behind the Hawk cockpit in BDAC's main hangar.

In the competition, Liz won a Bronze in the figure class.

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     IPMS Avon's summer show was a success.  

Once again Thornbury Leisure Centre managed to get everyone in  sweat! The temperatures rose quite dramatically after lunch.

A good turnout by ERs ensured a wide
and varied display on our stand.

Steve did well on the competition tables

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    Scorching hot day at Weston-super-Mare!    

Jeff, Liz and Steve, along with Tim and Roly, had a great time in The Helicopter Museum just outside Locking. The weather was hot and, with 4 tables, they were able to put on a good show of varied models, which attracted a lot of interest.

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     Warm day at Salisbury.  

IPMS Salisbury's show coincided with the warmest day so far this year.

More success for Hugh at the competition tables!

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    Summer Competitions 2019 won by Sean & Steve.  

Sean and Steve won the Challenge Cup and The Risers Award Plate this year, from a field of 35 entries. There wre also awards for Mark, Hugh, Andrew, Jeff and Big Mick

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    The sun always shines on Gloucester!  

Everyone had a good time at Gloucester this year.

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   Hugh has success at Milton Keynes' new venue  

Hugh gained Best in Show at ModelKraft, IPMS Milton Keynes' model show.
This was held for the first time at their new venue.

Liz & Steve, along with Mark, Geoff & Martin put on a varied and interesting display.

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   ERs success at a quiet Poole  

Hugh, Liz & Steve with Big Mick and Geoff, set up an interesting display at Poole Viking's show

The show seemed quieter than in previous years.

As per usual, The Earley Risers did well at the competition tables, with Hugh, Mick and Steve coming away with awards for ALL their entries!

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   ERs maiden visit to Yeovil Model Show.  

Liz & Steve stayed nearby in overnight accommodation and got to the venue when it opened. Geoff and Big Mick got up really early and travelled down on the day.  While Roly, who ended up taking a roundabout route, got there a little later!

The show was spread accross several big halls, within the large academy and leisure centre complex. This was only the second model show held at this delightful place.

The uneventful journey home ended a very enjoyable day out, with another great venue to add to our list of model shows to visit. Looking forward to next year's event!

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2019 Season starts down at Bovington Tank Museum 

On a cold and foggy February morning, the ERs set up the display at The Tank Museum in Dorset

Jeff and Steve set up the tables and cloths on Friday, the day before the 2 day show.

Saturday morning saw Jeff, Liz and Steve arrived first, soon joined by Big Mick, along with Martin and Carol. Rolly completed the set up. Jeff and Mick returned on Sunday, joined by Geoff.

The stand attracted a lot of attention - yet again!

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Welcome to the start of our Silver Jubilee Year


  Christmas competition - and AGM  

Hugh beat off some stiff competition, with his scratch-built Supermarine flying boat, to be awarded the Christmas Plate, which is judged by George each year.

The Christmas Raffle raised £55 to go towards club funds.

Models were collected for Tim to deliver to Models for Heroes charity.

The AGM was attended by 16 club members, with apologies from 4 (and a few no-shows and late arrivals!)

Attendees brought a large amount of seasonal fayre, which was heartily appreciated (and comsumed) by all.

Season's greetings to you all.

May your glue pots never run dry
and your sprues not wilt or perish!



  The 2018 season ends at BMSS Bugle Call.  

Liz, Mick, Tim and Steve ended the 2018 season at the BMSS show, held at Nailsea School in Somerset.

It was a first visit by Tim, who seemed to enjoy the experience.

Rolly visited the stand in the afternoon

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     Blue is the Colour at SMW2018 in Telford.    

The stand was quickly put up and populated with our models (which included models by those who couldn't make it to the show on Friday; George, Tref, Peter and Les V.) -- although Steve only remembered the balloons after the halls were vacated in the evening!

Tim arrived on Saturday morning with his models, a couple of which were finished by lunchtime!

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  More fun at Bovington Tank Museum weekend 

On another cold and wet October Friday, Jeff and Steve found some tables and once again set up the display in the relatively warm Education Centre at The Tank Museum, Bovington.

Early Saturday morning saw Liz, Jeff & Steve, closely followed by Big Mick, Sean and Geoff quickly set up the stand. The arrival of Tim completed the line up. The stand once again attracted what seemed like a constant stream of interested parties asking all sorts of questions from the ERs behind the stand.

Unfortunately, only Jeff was able to man the stand on Sunday, where he did a sterling service on his own!


     More success at Abingdon.  

The Earley Risers had a great day on the competition tables at IPMS Abingdon's show.
Phil May, Steve, Hugh and Les Vowles all came away with certificates this year.
Steve went on to win Best in Show. 
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