Show and Tell 2024

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"Show & Tell"

Models from The Nige, Ewan, Tim P and Jaime

Ewan brought in
a 1/16 T-72...

...and a 1/35
Sabelzahn Tiger 12.7cm

Tim P's 1/144 Hastings

Nigel's 1/48 Shinden


and Jaime's 1/72 Eurofighter



"Show & Tell"

Models from The Nige, Steve, Big Mick and Jaime

DeHavilland Heron II and Hornet F.3 from The Nige


Churchill Mk IV AVRE & Conger from Big Mick

Jaime brought in a
D-Day M4 A1 Sherman 





Steve had a Panzer IV G on display...


...a Warhammer Sagitaur...



... and a Lego Tractor/trailer combo!


"Show & Tell"

Models from Andrey, Dave, Ewan, Hugh and The Nige

Andrey brought in
an early Tiger 1

and a T34/85.
Both in 1/35


Hugh's 1/72 F-86 Sabre Dog.

He also brought in an old build Bentley Blower - Looking forward to his current build!...

...and, far right, Dave's 1/25 GTO Street Machine

The Nige's 1/48 Sea Fury FB11

Ewan's Kushala Daora... 

...and, far right,
Peter's 1/35? M34 truck


"Show & Tell"

Just a couple this month,
from Antony & Ewan 



Antony's Bocage diorama

Ewan's 1/48 STUG


"Show & Tell"

Models from Andrey, Roger and Steve

1/35 Jagdtiger
from Andrey


14th Century French Army soldiers from Roger

  Steve's 1/24 Tractors
3 more Lanz Bulldogs and yet another Little Grey Fergie!


"Show & Tell"

Models from Nige and Ewan,
as well as Dave and Sean.
Plus models from 'newbie' Andrey

The Nige's 1/48
XFY-1 Convair Pogo

and 1/35 FW Triebflugel

Ewan's 1/35 Tigerzahn

Dave's 1/12 Suzuki RGV500


54mm Norman Knight &
Tambar Major, 17th Leger 1808 from Sean

1/35 Autobildo IZM 

and Canadian
Armoured Car