ERs in amongst the Mosquitos at the de Havilland Museum

After Steve had set up the stand the day before, in a superb location under the Prototype Mosquito, which helped to generate a lot of interest for the Risers on Sunday, the stand was manned by Peter, Mark, Simon, Andrey, Ewan & Nigel.


Its center-piece was de Havilland themed with Mark's trio of Mosquito’s flanked by Nige’s 1/72 Heron II and Hornet F3. Peter’s air fleet was all themed around the DH Gypsy power plant. Whilst Andrey’s armour, especially his M3 Lee, got a lot of positive comments. 


Airfix World editor Stuart Fone spent a long time with us and was interested in Ewan’s Ye Olde Pub, (future issue coverage fingers crossed) We also had overseas visitors who has seen Nige’s Pogo in real life stateside. 


Mark’s Duck got the Silver Surfers Club round, always great when models get cross club appreciation.


A couple of visitors also expressed an interest to visit the club meetings in the future.



Words & Pictures by Nigel & Ewan