ERs Threesome draw the crowds at Milton Keynes show


Three Earley Risers; Peter, Hugh and Nige arrived to set up in the sports hall. The L-shaped table was a bit challenging, but once done we themed it as; Armour, Warhammer, Civilian and 1/72 aircraft on the lower level, and on the second level; WW2 German Air, WW1 and post war air, plus civilian air.


Footfall at 10.00am start was brisk and steady throughout the day. As Geoff was on his own on the Churchill SIG stand, we sat in for him in the morning and afternoon sessions.


A lot of pictures taken of the armour corner.. 


The show was spread over several halls and these were also up to 100m apart in different buildings - so it was lucky it was a warm and sunny day. 

The Earley Risers stand generated lively & varied interest with enquiries throughout the day. We tried to keep two people on the stand due to the L-shape.

Hugh’s rigging and spoking generated interest. 

But his tree next to Peter's civilian truck got lots of pictures taken.

Nige’s “Weird German Crap” (Peter’s description) Triebflugel, Dornier Pfiel, and Focke Wulf Huckebien generated a lot comment

Peter’s cars, Bond Bug and Impala got noticed as well as his 1/72 air wing.

The participation in the show by clubs from North and South was the widest I’d seen other than Telford, so from that point of view it was great to see so many clubs in a midlands venue.

We also had unique visitors in the guise of Stormtroopers for a photo call, and a charity contribution was made for that picture.